Just Crayons? Just Chromebooks? Just Creativity?

Referencing Rethinking Technology by Punya Mishra & The Deep-Play* Research Group, Michigan State University This article really resonated with me because I’m always thinking about what tomorrow could bring. When I see things that seem outdated or systems that need improving, I always find myself thinking about what they may look like in the future […]

Beautiful Questioners

With reference to A More Beautiful Question by Warren Berger Warren Berger has such a wonderful way of forcing me to rethink things I once thought I knew well. First, it was the value in a question. Now? Everything else. In chapter two, she discusses the purpose of school in the past versus the purpose […]

Mad(lib) for Maker

Kelsey Krieger Mad(lib) for Maker Mad(lib) for the Introduction Why is grammar instruction so dry? What if we combined technology, like coding, and grammar or literacy instruction? How do we have students learn the parts of speech by coding? The goal for this lesson is for students to learn how to correctly apply the parts […]

Wait, Is Google Making Us Stupid?

Is this smart tool actually making us dumber? In this blog, I will be referring to ideas by Nicholas Carr, his book The Shallows, and his piece Is Google Making Us Stupid? This interview with Nicholas Carr was super interesting to me. I related to many parts of it. In turn, I questioned a lot […]

Team Teach Reflection

Planning a Team Teach based on the article, In Defense of Play by Alison Gopnik, was an interesting endeavor. Being a teacher, I often find myself focused on short term goals: finishing a unit, completing a project, turning in a worksheet, etc… The broad context that Gopnik gives for play is challenging to reenact initially. […]

Questioning Questionable Questions

“Computers are useless – they only give you answers.” ~ Picasso I recently referred to computers as my favorite school supply to a colleague. I love technology! What I can do with my computer is endless. A highlighter? Not so much. The ability to ask questions leads me to endless inquiry. As a teacher, I […]

How do people learn?

Many things have influenced the ideas and processes we have about learning as educators and researchers today. Based on the text, How People Learn: Brain, Mind, Experience, and School by Brown, Cocking, Donovan, and Pellegrino we can study the following topics more in depth: research increasing understanding, higher expectations for learners, ability to transfer, norms […]

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