What does Growth mean?

Before reading this blog post, please click this link to read my book Watch Me Grow on Book Creator. Then, with your interpretation in mind, continue to the rest of the post!

Please share your interpretations, comments or questions in the comments. Disclaimer: they are all correct in their own way.

When I began reflecting on this summer as my first year in MAET, I thought about all the growth I’ve made as an educator and as a learner. I thought about all the ideas I’ve grown and been able to reflect on and share with others. I’ve thought about all the ideas I’ve gathered from others to contribute to my ideas and help them grow. The idea of starting with something, like an idea, nurturing it and protecting it. It’s yours to share if you want to.

This led me to the metaphor of a growing plant. My interpretation of it is as follows, but changes each time I read and think further.

Someone has an idea that they’re caring for and growing. They’re building their time and effort into it and they’re loyal to it. Others may come along with ideas that seem to be finished products, and that may discourage someone who’s thinking from scratch. But if you continue to develop your original passion and stay true to it, it will bloom into something unique and special. Not only does it turn into something beautiful, but it plants the idea for others to grow from it as well, to always continue growing and improving. Learning is this way as well. The more you push yourself to grow, the more useful and purposeful your ideas will be, to yourself and those that learn from you.

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